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Cataract Surgery

What is Cataract Surgery?


Eyesight is usually not impaired when cataracts first begin. In the early stages of cataract, simply prescribing stronger eyeglasses or increasing room lighting can successfully treat this disease. However, when cataracts cause vision loss or prevent the diagnosis of other eye diseases, cataracts should be surgically removed. The cataract removal procedure, called intraocular lens implant surgery, is very and a very common, safe, and effective surgical procedure. In fact, cataract surgery is the most widely performed non-elective surgical procedure in the world.

Intraocular Lens Implant Surgery

Intraocular lens implant surgery is an outpatient procedure performed using the most advanced methods available. The procedure is painless and involves no stitches, patches, or injections. This suture-less, self-sealing cataract removal method was developed by our own surgeon Dr. Paul Ernest. During the cataract removal surgery, ultrasound is used to break up the cloudy eye lens and the lens pieces are removed. A new intraocular lens is implanted using a tiny, self-sealing incision that heals very quickly.

Because no blood vessels are cut, there is no bleeding. There are no stitches to remove and only a local or topical anesthesia is used. Patients heal very quickly and resume normal activities the next day.